Hot foil Letterpress type and slip cases

Alloy Letterpress type Suitable for most applications for soft materials, Cotton card, Cotton cloth, Paper using presspahn, Soft wood and Soft leather, etc.

Brass letterpress type available upon request more suited blind embossing onto leather and harder materials

You can purchase them in UPPER Case only or Lower Case only or  UPPER & lower case sets

Stainless steel slip Cases with registation makers:

Our standard slip cases sizes O/D 11cm and 180cm plus point sizes  (custom sizes available)


Founts available :

Gill Sans 262- Garamond 156- Times 327- Univers medium 156



Helps keep your letterpress type in Alphabetical order and keeping the quads, spacer, slipcase in one place, helping you to make it easier to assemble the type in the slip case.

Includes: 1x  letterpress type organizer wooden block only with holes or slots for letterpress type and quad and spacer 1x for slip case. Will hold type sizes 10-14pts

Letterpress type set with 7" slip case


Letterpress type sets with 3" slip case


7" & 4" Slip casesletterpress_type_slip_cases_4_7_inches