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We started the company back in 2010 as I was made redundant by the company which manufacture a 8x5 hot foil printing machine for 18 years they decided to close there manufacturing department  due to lack of sales?

So with all the experience gained over the past 18 years I felt that I was not going to let it go to waste, I felt there was an opening for a small desk top hot foil printing machine so the 4x3 compact  was designed and born. (Now know as the 4x3 Blockit with our new 8x5 blockit hot foil printing machine)


The 4x3 compact as been very successful with machine with sales worldwide from the EU to the USA, China, Japan, Australia, Africa, and the UK .

We come up with our new design so to be efficient and practical for manufacturing and assembly, and making it easier to use for the professional and home market. We are now the only company in the UK that manufactures New toggle action slant bed desk top hot foil printing machines.

Following the success of the 4x3 Blockit (compact) over the past 5 years we introduced our NEW 8x5 blockit hot foil printing machine late 2014 with good sales and feedback this year 2015

To keep our prices down we do not have middle men, agents or other outlets,as commission on top of our prices would make the machines more expensive.

95% of all components are manufactured and sourced in the UK.

Our machine profiles are laser profiled to a high Torrance by a company in the north of England and sent to be welded together at a local company on Canvey Island Essex.


All machined  stainless steel link bars and rod are made by a company in the south of England.

We still maintain full control over the manufacturing progess from laser profiling, turning and welding from start to finish if its not upto a good standard of workmanship then the parts are rejected!

We manufacture in house the aluminium chases,sliding platen and lay bars,slip case retaining blocks, slip cases and heater blocks on our CNC engraving/milling machine. and fabricate the control panel

8x5_blockit_hot_foil_printing_machine_pencil_jig  _wsb_129x95_Magnesiumandtypechase  _wsb_98x75_slidingprintingplatanandlaybars _wsb_150x95_Ajustabletypejig letterpress_type_slip_cases_4_7_inches 

Our heaters are sourced from one of the largest distributor’s in the UK.

Only 5% of our component are sourced from outside of the UK.

We then bring all components together at our workshop and are assemble and checked before despatch.

*Please note There are some good hot foil printing machines being imported into the UK.

But there are crap cheap upright flat bed machines being imported in from China and India which if you are lucky they might last a couple of weeks if the heaters work or the internal mechanism dont  brake! and there are some hot foil printing that look like they should be sold in a toy store,

Avoid these machine like the plague and don't waste your time and money


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8x5 Blockit hot foil stamping machine Basic colour Blue

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