4x3 Blockit Pencil Printing (Package 2) Using Letterpress type (OUT OF STOCK)


4x3 Blockit Pencil Printing (Package 2) Using Letterpress type (OUT OF STOCK)

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4x3 Blockit hot foil printing machine Pencil Printing Package

This pencil printing package is for printing onto pencil only,

If you need to print onto card paper leather etc, please chose one of our other packages we have available:

(4x3 Basic) (4x3 Personalising printing package) (4x3 Ultimate package)

The 4x3 Blockit is a Light and Compact hot foil printing machine that has been designed for professionals and the home market,


4x3 BlockiT pencil printing package kit

*1x 10pt type chase with slip case retaining block for holding the slip cases and letterpresstype




1x pencil jig 1x 8mm lay bay

2x M5x 20mm socket cap head screws 2x M5 locking wing nuts

1x side stop with lip

1x M5x 20mm socket cap head screws 1x M5

1x presspahn make ready board

Blocking foils


1x  Gold blocking foil 5cm x 61m 25.4mm core

1x Top foil bar  25mm diameter with foil retaining ball

Fully adjustable foil advance from 10mm to 20mm maximum

(On the 4x3 pencil printing package the rear foil uptake roller is 25mm diameter)

Letterpress type sets for personalising products

1x set of 10pt letterpess type in Times Roman with quads and spacer  UPPER CASE ONLY 1x 10pt letterpress type slip case 1x letterpress type organizer

10pt Times Roman in UPPER CASE ALLOY Letterpress type Number of letters per set



10-pt letterpress type

5A Set

E 5
A I N O R S T  5
C D H L M U 4
B F G P W Y 3
J K V 2
Q Y Z 1
 Numbers 2 of each 0-9
Punctuation see picture below

:: ;; '' " ,, ! -- ( )

? & ,,, .... £

Key Features:

State of the art Digital temperature controller for consistent temperature, with a low 250 wattage heater which makes it cheaper to operate. (eco friendly) it has Toggle Action mechanism for even and consistent pressure, Oilite self lubricating bearing, Stainless steel link rods, 6mm mild steel side profiles. All metalwork manufactured in the UK.


For Hot foil Printing, Stamping, Blocking Pencils

Digital-temperature controller-

Weight- 12.5kg


Construction- Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminium, black hammer finished paint work.

Mains Voltage 240v AC (110 Volts available).  Please contact us for more details.

Comes with a full after sales technical support service from the UK

Including a 1 day  training session at our premises if needed! This gives you all the hints and tips on how to use the hot foil printing machine.

Instruction manual: list of suppliers for, Pens-Pencils-Bookmarks-Key Fobs-Fils-Presspahn-etc



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