Metal backed Hot foil poly plates pack of 22 OUT OF STOCK


Metal backed Hot foil poly plates pack of 22 OUT OF STOCK

Product no.: LM-Backed 22 cut

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Metal backed photopolymer hot foil printing plate’s pack of 22

size 105x20mm (cutting tolerance + - 2mm on the size)

Please Note: After they have been exposed and wash thay can be trimmed down to size :)

The above sizes come as our default standard plate size for the letterpressmaker

These Plates are precut on a guillotine which has a 5mm blade, so for each cut you lose 5mm?

This plate can be exposed on almost any UV exposure unit that as a clamp arrangement, or vacuum chamber or pressure pad or lid system.

With this hot foil printing plate you can foil at temperature of up to 180 degrees centigrade which will suit most hot foil printing machines application, Stamping, Blocking, Tipping, etc


A cheap and easy way of making your own printing plates in house, saving you time & money instead of having magnesium printing plates made outside & offering a same day service!


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