UV Exposure Unit 10x8cm Exposure area


UV Exposure Unit 10x8cm Exposure area

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On our UV exposure unit Letterpressmaker you can expose small letterpress hot foil printing plate which are Aqua washable

Which makes it ideal for exposing plates upto 12x9cm Ideal for use with any of our hot foil printing machine,

it comes with exposure clamp arrangement for holding the printing plate and artwork sheet together for exposing the plate. 


Design and print,expose, wash, dry, post expose, and print

The main exposure timing is only 3-4 minute .

We now sell a A4  Metal backed hot foil printing plate Aqua washable and easy to wash this plate which is precut to size

With letterpressmaker you can make your own hot foil printing plates in house at a fraction of the cost of having them made outside, saving you time and money!

1x Letterpressmaker & clamp arrangemant



1x Washout brush


5x Artwork inkjet film needs to be printed at 750dpi or more for the best results


1X Die bonding tape.50cmx25mm


Metal backed hot foil printing plates come pre-cut to size with the letterpressmaker

8 precut plates in total:

2x 90x80mm

2x 90x60mm 

2x 50x50mm 


(cutting tolerance + - 2mm)







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hot foil printing Die Bonding tape 2.5cm x 2mtrs hot foil printing Die Bonding tape 2.5cm x 2mtrs
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