8x5 Ribbon Printing Hot Foil Printing Machine Package 5, plus jigs

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8x5 BlockiT  (Basic) ribbon printing hot foil printing machine (8x5" print area) with master block chase (3 option available 50mm 58mm and 68mm)

Rosette centres master block: this come in 3 sizes avilable 50mm 58mm 68mm (this lets you put letterpress type on the outside edge and put imgages in the center) not included with the machine Price of the master block set up with dies and 12pt letterpress type From £500.00 depending on.......;

Prints upto 8"x 1 to 4"of text and images onto ribbon (printing die required)

The 8x5 blockiT Basic Package 5 Contents:


*1x Sliding platen.(34cmx 24cm) with registration makers          sliding_platen


* 1x Bottom lay bars 1x 2mm (for registration of the work piece).3mm_bottom_lay_bar

*1x Unversal chase for die for 6.35 magnesuim printing dies     universal_chase_side_2

* 1x Master block chase   3 option available                                             Master_block_chase_holder

* 1x Side stop rule (for registration of the work piece)                    Side_rule

* 1x Ribbon Jig                                                                                               8x5_blockit_hot_foil_printing_machine_ribbon_jig

  * 1x 8x5 Universal printing plate chase for mounting 6.35mm  Magnesium plates,metal backed photopolymer letterpress printing plate chase and Letterpress type (printing plates not included)


* 2x 6.35mm Magnesium plate dog clips (holds the 6.35mm magnesium plate in place on the chase).

* 1x Pressphan make ready board

* 1x Set haxagon Keys


*Print area-20x12.5 cm

*Twin Toggle action assembly for consistent pressure

*Digital-temperature controller-

*Solid State Relay

*450 watt micro heater

*Mains inlet filter

*Machine Weight ....28kg 

*Machine Dimensions-60x34x40cm

*Mains Voltage 240v AC (110 Volts availablePlease contact us for more details).

The following printing plate can me used on the 8x5 blockit:

(1) Magnesium printing plates recommened ideal for complicated artwork, (maxmium printing plate sizes 8"x5" 20cmx15cm) you will need to send the artwork to your local acid etchers to get the plates made)

(2)Letterpress metal type pre-made letters, spacers and quads which is pre-assembled in a type chase

(3) Metal backed hot foil printing plates (POLY PLATES maxmium sizes10cmx8cm) you can make these printing plates inhouse using a UV exposure unit


Other Applications:

The 8x5 Digital compact  has been designed for maximum durability and safety with continuous heavy-duty usage that is needed for Hot foil Printing, Stamping, Blocking industry,  Including Embossing cards, Letterheads, Business Cards, Pens, Pencils and most promotional items, Art & Craft etc. 

Key Features:

All metalwork manufactured in the UK to high tolerance, profiles made from mild steel with Stainless steel link rods, twin Toggle action mechanism for even and consistent pressure, Oilite self lubricating bearing, comes with state of the art Digital temperature controller for consistent temperature with a low 450 wattage heater which makes it cheaper to operate. (eco friendly) Manufactured from 8mm and 10mm Mild steel plate which as been laser profiled to a fine tolerance, metelwork is finished of in a black hammer finish paint,

Warranty: Metalwork 2 Years Back to base warranty on Parts and Labour

Warranty: Heater and Solid State Relay warrenty 3 Months only

Warranty Excludes General ware and tier on oilite bearings and moving parts,


Standard packaging Cardboard box with wooden base 62x48x48cm, Weight from...42kg 

Comes with a full after sales technical support service from the UK

Instruction manual:

Introductory flip book manual and Videon hot foil printing includes list of suppliers for, Pens-Pencils-Bookmarks-Key Fobs-Fils-Presspahn-etc Including a 1 day  training session at our premises if needed! This gives you all the hints and tips on how to use the hot foil printing machine.


Compare the specification of the 4x3 and 8x5 blockit toggle action slant bed hot foil printing machine to make sure you get the right machine for your applications any Q’s please contact us!! 


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